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When I get emails from people who lament the fact that they can’t gain muscles, I always first ask about the person’s training routine.

Here’s the truth:

If you are not getting bigger & muscular then you are doing your workouts all wrong. Even if you are doing Caloric surplus it won’t magically give you MUSCLES.

Heck, some workouts will drain your muscle mass and turn you to SKINNY FAT

Now, I know this stuff isn’t easy.

There’s nothing worse than spending 6+ months in a gym and doing what you think you SHOULD be doing, only to step on the scale and realize that you haven’t made any progress!

If you’re somebody that’s worried about wasting time, or you want to have an expert guide your process to gain SERIOUS MASS, consider checking out Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic training routine, two of the most famous and respected street workout athletes in the world.!

Here is the transformation results of Josh (a close friend of mine). By simply using ONLY their approach. (AND NO THERE WAS NO MAGIC SUPPLEMENT INVOLVED or other BS!)

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